Who is Namhla Diale?

The question of “Who is Namhla Diale?” may not even exist had it not been for the dramatic scenes of┬áMonday August 18, 2014 that brought about the winds of change at the old Generations and saw the introduction of Generations: The Legacy.

thulisile + PhongoloNamhla Diale (portrayed by Thulisile Phongolo) was introduced to South Africans on December 01, 2014 when the SABC 1 soap opera, Generations, came out of a two month hiatus.

She is the youngest member of the Diale family who’s original member on the show is Thembinkosi “Cosmo” Diale (portrayed by Ronnie Nyakale) who part of the old cast of Generations; Namhla is the daughter of Lucy Diale (portrayed by Manaka Ranaka), the ex-convict sister of Cosmo.

The other members of the Diale family are Andisiwe Dweba who plays Getty Diale (sister of Lucy and Cosmo) and Ivy Nkutha who plays Gog’ Flo (mother of Lucy, Cosmo and presumably Getty).

Since December 01, 2014 the character of Namhla Diale has evolved so much, it has become almost unrecognizable.

Namhla Diale first witnessed crime boss Kumkani “Gaddafi” Phakade and her uncle, Cosmo, bash a man to death; an event she taped on her cellphone.

This cellphone footage will find its way to her mother’s (Lucy Diale) hands and she tried to use it as leverage to extort money from her brother’s boss (presumably her former boss), Gaddafi, but he responds by kidnapping Namhla.

Somewhere in between witnessing a man being bludgeoned to death and being kidnapped Namhla Diale cut her hair had a less than brief Gothic spell.

An avid gamer, Namhla is friends with a white boy (Kyle) who had a crush on her by she uses him in her pursuit of her own crush, their teacher Nathi Sokhulu.

Namhla eventually embarks on a sexual relationship with Nathi Sokhulu in a near obsessive manner which sees her self destruct as she suffers from paranoia and insecurity.

Nathi can’t take he quits his ob as a teacher after realizing what’s he’s done and returns to his home in KwaZulu-Natal, Namhla follows him there but he (Nathi) phones Cosmo to let him know of Namhla whereabouts.

This eventually leads to the revelation that the pair had sexual relations Cosmo – a thug, reacts the way a thug would – with violence.

The relationship with Nathi Sokhulu has clearly crumbled and Namhla must move on and she makes an effort as she apologizes to Kyle and Miss Chauke whom she suspected of having a relationship with Nathi.

She then tries help her other friend (Fezeka) embark on a relationship with Kyle by being the voice in ear on dates but the whole thing blows up in her face and Kyle is upset.

Namhla relationship with Nathi is not over; she is pregnant and my after all have an happily ever after with him.

Her family loses it, in particularly Cosmo and Lucy, Gog’ Flo is upset but quickly warms up to the idea a a baby.

Nathi intends to marry Namhla so that they can raise the baby together, Kyle just don’t see it.

Lucy insist that Namhla terminates the pregnancy, at one point she (Namhla) was for it but changed her mind which saw her mother disappointed but she tries to be supportive.

Dealing with the family of drug mules and thugs-for-hire, Namhla isn’t having the best of upbringings; after witnessing a woman nearly dies in her living room after a condom full of drugs burst in her stomach she becomes even more suspicious of her mother.

Prior to the pregnancy discovery Namhla accompanied by Kyle embarked on a spying mission when she thought her mother was on a drug deal rendezvous but is shocked to learn that Lucy is trying buy her a car as a present for her 18th birthday.

That 18th birthday rolls around at the same time as the pregnancy saga; she gets the car.

In a dramatic turn of events she also has an epiphany and questions her future with Nathi, the baby, motherhood and decides go have the pregnancy terminated with her mother by her side.

Meanwhile Nathi is gone shopping for a stroller and Gog’ Flo shopping for a car baby seat.

In the wake of her pregnancy the fall out was so vast and far reaching that she was stripped of a potential bursary and her position as a prefect; following an abortion she was subjected to harsh judgement by her grandmother and others.

She intends to go out with Kyle but her mother won’t let her so she sneaks out, gets drunk, crash her car and winds up in jail.

With limited options of studying after matric Getty organize her an internship at Ezweni but she gets mistaken for a lingerie model.

This chance encounter with stardom has also brought square in the crosshairs of the sex dominance and submission crazed Smanga Moroka (portrayed by Moopi Mothibedi).


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