Sexiest Female Celebrities in South Africa 2015

In this article Incwajana will list the top ten (10) female South African celebrities for 2015; since our 2014 list we have observed and formulated a brave new list.


10. Thulisile Phongolo










Thulisile Phongolo is a South African actress currently starring on Generations as the troublesome Namhla Diale the daughter of Lucy Diale (portrayed by Manaka Ranaka), an ex-inmate turned drug mule.

Thulisile Phongolo is relatively new in the entertainment industry but her role on Generations has brought great popularity in South Africa as this is one of the most watched shows in this country; furthermore, the character of Namhla Diale is part of the primary storyline.

Given a few more years in the limelight, Thulisile Phongolo is likely to become an “A-lister” of note, however, she has previously stated she she does not intend to stay forever in front of the cameras as she has dreams of becoming a business executive.



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