South Africa’s Most Notorious TV Villains 2015

South Africa’s favourite stories would not be as interesting as they are without the villains in them; here we will compile the list of South Africa’s Most Notorious TV  Villains for the year 2015. The villains we will list below may be current or not longer part of the respective story, however, if you know anything about South African television, you will who they are and you will agree with us that they are truly notorious.

Some of the most memorable villains of South African television from the past include Mazwi (portrayed by Menzi Ngubane) from Ubamo Lwami, Papa Action (portrayed by Ronnie Nyakale and later by Zola) and Chester (portrayed by Dumisani Dlamini) from Yizo Yizo, Mafisto Zamdela (portrayed by Ramalao Makhene) from Isidingo and Jack Mabaso from Generations (portrayed by Vusi Kunene) who famously blinded Siphiwe Phosa (portrayed by Mandla Hlatshwayo) with his poisoned Jack of Spades.


10. Mkhonto Xulu of Uzalo, portrayed by Bonga Dlamini

Bonga Dlamini - Mkhonto XuluMkhonto Xulu is brand new villain on South African television; he is a character on SABC 1’s hit telenovela, Uzalo, and is portrayed by Bonga Dlamini who hails from the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa.

Mkhonto Xulu is a former inmate in a KwaZulu-Natal prison where he spent 15 years, however, on Uzalo it is yet to be conclusively established why he was there in the first place.

He is the younger brother of the notorious KwaMashu car theft syndicate boss, Muzi “Gxabhashe” Xulu (portrayed by Mpumelelo Bhulose), with who they continually bump heads may it be over Mkhonto Xulu’s appalling behaviour, short temper, his interest in his brother’s wife or business matters.

Mkhonto Xulu drinks like a fish, he likes women, he likes to show off, he is a bully and he carries on like the world, especially his big brother, Muzi “Gxabhashe” Xulu, owes him something.

At his introduction he assaulted a restaurant waiter, Ayanda Mdletshe (portrayed by Kay Sibiya) and it would not end there; days later he did not only assault him, he also pulled a gun on him but his big brother intervened and later warned him about behaving like a cowboy in KwaMashu.


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