Helen Zille labelled “chief racist”

Helen Zille has been labelled buy the African National Congress (ANC) Western Cape in the wake of the Clifton restaurant row. Furthermore, the ANC Western Cape has rebuked and suggested that Helen Zille be removed from her position as the premier of that province. At the heart of the issue is a bill which described Scott Maqethuka and his friend as “2 Blacks”.

Helen Zille, who has always been known for her controversial tweets, once again took to Twitter in what appeared to be in defence of The Bungalow restaurant and its bill which also had the table number, waiter’s name, number of patrons, date and time on it.

Helen Zille tweeted: “Why is it ok to racially classify people for jobs, but not to identify people at a table by their race?” This tweet was not accepted for what was probably it’s intentions. The tweet itself and it’s originator were accused of harboring a racist agenda.

The original tweet was quickly deleted but that did not stop it from receiving over two thousand (2000) replies. Helen Zille subsequently tweeted, “Let us not trivialise the fight against racism by assuming that it is everywhere in every situation.”

Meanwhile the management of restaurant in question, The Bungalow, has denied racism at the establishment, while the waiter in question, Zimbabwean Mike Dzange, has since been suspended. This was presumably addressed in one of Helen Zille’s tweets, “So do the social justice warriors feel good when a black working class person loses a job to satisfy middle class outrage? #JustAsking.”

ANC Western Cape spokesman Yonela Diko said Zille should be recalled as premier “before she does more damage.”

“Her response [to racism] has been twofold. First she has always tried to deny that black people experience racism in the Western Cape and when that seems too desperate, she has then tried to explain that a particular incident is, in fact, not racist,” Yonela Diko was quoted saying.

“Helen Zille is a chief racist who does not value what this country is about. With a string of grave misjudgements, from the Sinovuyo Mafevuka – Franziska Blöchliger saga, to calling for funding to be stopped for black children who were protesting, it would serve the DA well to recall her before she does irreparable damage to an already racialised party,” she continued.



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