Pearl Thusi lobola annoyance

Pearl Thusi expressed her annoyance after reports claimed that her father, Bhekizizwe Thusi, was unhappy with the Marawa family (of Robert Marawa) being less that forthcoming about paying lobola. The report by the Daily Sun quoted Bhekizizwe Thusi saying, “The Marawa family treats Pearl as their
makoti. But they haven’t united the two families in the traditional way. And I’m still waiting for the
Marawas to come for ilobolo negotiations.”

“Pearl told me about the engagement. But she didn’t say when the Marawa family were planning to pay ilobolo for her. In my family, ilobolo is paid. And only then can they claim our daughter as their makoti. I get the impression this family undermines me as Pearl’s father,” the Daily Sun quoted Bhekizizwe Thusi.

“Why should I go to them? They know how we do things as traditional people. They know they must do the right thing. “And the Marawas have a background of rural life. They know exactly what they must do. Pearl hasn’t said anything to me about the wedding. I don’t know. Maybe, they got married without my
knowledge,” the Daily Sun quoted Pearl Thusi‘s father as saying.

The Daily Sun report also quoted Robert Marawa‘s mother, Phumlile Zulu, as saying, “We can’t think of a wedding anytime soon. We’re still mourning. And I can’t comment on what you’re asking me about.” This follows the passing of Robert Marawa‘s father, Frank Marawa, who passed away in late 2016.

“South African tabloids and how they’ll stop at nothing to destroy you. No matter what you do to make your people proud. No less than impimpi during the struggle. We had warriors of the struggle fighting for redemption but no- they must destroy for a salary,” Pearl Thusi said in response to the Daily Sun report.

“And so as 2017 begins with my own slinging mud at me & mine. The storm is officially here. This is how 2016 started. And we finished strong. — PEARL THUSI (@PearlThusi) January 8, 2017

“There is a bigger picture. Don’t be distracted.  — PEARL THUSI (@PearlThusi) 

“Here’s to the ones who thought they’d write books & change the world but ended up at the desk writing about other people every week,” Pearl Thusi said in response to the Daily Sun report.

“Some people create a personal hell and want to drag everyone else in it. — PEARL THUSI (@PearlThusi)



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