Karabo Mokoena’s mom warned her that Sandile Mantsoe would kill her

Karabo Mokoena’s mother revealed that she warned her daughter that her then boyfriend, Sandile Mantsoe, would kill her. Lolo Mokena, the mother of Karabo Mokoena, revealed this while talking to e.tv’s Checkpoint. Sandile Mantsoe is currently in jail, he stands accused of the murder if Karabo Mokoena.

Karabo Mokoena was physically abused on several occasions prior to her death, this made her mother weary of Sandile Mantsoe. “I told her and said: ‘Karabo, Sandile is going to kill you, you can’t go on like this. This is not a toxic relationship; I don’t know what to call this,” Lolo Mokena said in an interview with Checkpoint.

She implored her daughter to press charges against Sandile Mantsoe in the wake of physical violence. Karabo Mokoena was reluctant but eventually opened a case against Sandile Mantsoe. A few weeks later she went missing. “I approached him and said: ‘Sandile, what did you do to Karabo?’ And he greeted me and said: ‘Mamzo,’ and I said: ‘Why are you still saying Mamzo? Where’s my daughter? Did you kill Karabo?’ I asked him and he said: ‘No, I didn’t kill Karabo,” Lolo Mokena said.

Meanwhile Sandile Mantsoe’s fellow congregants from the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Lyndhurst have claimed that the Devil made him do it. “He is quiet, he is calm. He is not the first to do the work of the Lord and have the devil fight him. The person that you see standing there, that’s how he is. I was shocked to hear the news, and I’m still hurt,” one woman said speaking outside court 13 at the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court.



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