Iko Mash has died

Iko Mash has died after a sort illness. Iko Mash was a South African actor, celebrity stylist and activist who appeared in the e.tv prime time soap opera Rhythm City where she portrayed the character of Zahr, a transgender woman.

Speaking of her portrayal of the character of Zahr on Rhythm City, Iko Mash was quoted saying, “Zahr is a transgender woman who doesn’t want to be seen for her sexuality. She’s unconventional and different. Usually, we expect gay people and transgenders to be in the beauty and hair industry, but Zahr is here to show people that she’s not a stereotype. She’s an events organiser, working for a corporate company.”

Mash was also a proud activist for the LBGTI community and the actor admitted that he struggled to be accepted by family and community members. “I’ve always felt like a girl. When my aunt died my cousins wanted nothing to do with me. They kicked me out of the house,” Iko Mash  said in an interview with the Sunday World.

Iko Mash’s real name was Billy Mothola Emmanuel Mashiloane and he was born in Meadowlands, Soweto. Down the years he appeared on numerous TV shows including Zabalaza, Tshesa 1, Gazlam 2, Streetlife movie, Backstage and Rhythm City.


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