EFF was “misleading”

The University of KwaZulu-Natal has accused the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) of misleading following at gathering that was deemed polotical at that university’s Westville campus. The university told African News Agency (ANA) that the EFF was “misleading” as permission to gather had initially been granted for the meeting.

Normah Zondo, UKZN’s acting executive director for corporate relations was quoted saying, “No political party is permitted to host a rally of any kind or nature at any of the University’s campuses. Permission was then withdrawn and students were informed both verbally and via email on the 24 July 2017.”

“The EFF truck forced its way onto the quad and played loud music from 11:30 onwards, disrupting academic activity in the surrounding lecture theatres and laboratories. The university is primarily an educational institution and it is regrettable that this important fact was ignored by the EFF today,” Normah Zondo, said.


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