Atul Gupta denied creating term “white monopoly capital”

Atul Gupta has denied that his family created the term “white monopoly capital” with the help of public relations firm Bell Pottinger. He said this while speaking BBC Radio 4  during an interview. BBC Radio 4 also spoke to Bell Pottinger’s former chairman Lord Bell and the current CEO James Henderson to discuss their alleged campaign to exploit racial tensions in South Africa.

“If you go to any revolutionary speech in this country, the term white monopoly capital exists and I don’t know where this term comes from, believe m,” Atul Gupta said interview insisting that the term has always existed and it wasn’t the family nor Bell Pottinger who created it.

“We went away and made a proposal and it suggested that we should do various things, including we should organise people to march and make a fuss about the fact that they’ve got the vote in 1994 but they nothing in power.”


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