An online petition calling for Manana to be fired

An online petition calling on President Jacob Zuma to fire Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Training Mduduzi Manana has received almost 2 000 signatures. The petition, started on campaign website on Tuesday, condemns Mduduzi Manana’s alleged assault of three women at a Johannesburg nightclub on Sunday.

“Manana is a public figure and as such should know the expectations of him. Keeping him in the employ of the government will undermine ongoing efforts to develop and implement a comprehensive, fully funded National Strategic Plan to prevent, combat and respond to GBV (gender based violence). Manana must be dismissed if we want to send a clear message that when you strike a woman you strike a rock,” campaigner Nqaba Mpofu said.

“We wish to emphasise that nobody is above the law when it comes to crimes against women. All persons, regardless of position in society must face the full might of the law when they attack women and children,” said Nqaba Mpofu.

Meanwhile Commission for Gender Equity spokesperson Javu Baloyi said the commission would also investigate, “The commission believes in a country where 182 933 women suffered grievous bodily harm and 164 958 suffered common assault as per the latest SAPS statistics, the actions of Deputy Minister Manana deserve to be condemned in the strongest terms. This is especially reprehensible and inexcusable during Women’s Month


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